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Master of Arts in Library and Information Science

Academic, Public, Special, School Libraries, and other Information Professions

The School of Information offers an American Library Association Accredited degree program that includes the competencies and skills which are essential for a library and information science professional to perform at a high level of proficiency. Students complete a set of six required core courses as the foundation to the degree and can choose a path through additional electives in alignment with their professional goals and interests.

Note: If you choose the path to specialize in becoming a School Librarian / Media Specialist), please note that certification is granted by the Florida Department of Education. All candidates for Educational Media certification are required to take the Florida Teacher Certification Examination in School Media. For more details about the School Library path, see School Librarian / Media Specialist Emphasis below.

Students seeking a MLIS degree must complete 39 semester hours of coursework during which they must maintain an average of "B" or better and no more than two grades of "C" will be accepted. The MLIS is a fully"on-line " program;

To earn the M.A. degree, the student must complete the following 39 credits:

  • LIS 5020 (formerly LIS 5404) Foundations of Library and Information Science or LIS 6260 Information Science in Librarianship
  • LIS 6271 Research Methods in Library and Information Science
  • LIS 6409 Introduction to Library Administration
  • LIS 6511 Collection Development and Maintenance
  • LIS 6603 Basic Information Sources and Services
  • LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge I or LIS 6735 Technical Services in Libraries
  • Elective courses totaling 21 credit hours. These courses must be approved by the student's advisor. Note: Some electives for the School Library / School Media Specialist Track are required and prescribed by the department. See below for more information or contact your advisor.

MA LIS Program-Level Learning Outcomes:

Goal I:  Leadership and Innovation

Students are innovative, ethical, problem-solvers able to lead and manage through communication, collaboration, and reflection.

I.a. Students are able to evaluate critically, reflect, and problem-solve individually as well as collaboratively.

I.b. Students demonstrate effective communication skills
I.c. Students participate in professional and community engagement activities in the field.

I.d. Students demonstrate leadership skills and innovation in a diverse and global environment.

Goal II: Systems and Services
Students understand the systems and technologies that facilitate the management and use of information resources to serve the diverse needs of users.

II.a Students identify and analyze diverse information needs of individuals and communities.

II.b. Students evaluate and select print and digital information resources and systems to meet needs of users.

II.c.  Students understand and use appropriate information technology for information services.

Goal III: Knowledge Representation

Students are proficient in the theory and application of skills essential for knowledge representation in evolving technology environments, in any chosen area of specialization.

II.a. Students analyze, organize and describe various formats of information objects.

II.b. Students identify and apply best practices in the use of different technologies for knowledge representation.

Goal IV: Theory and Praxis

Students have a critical grounding in theoretical perspectives that draw on research in LIS as well as other fields of knowledge, that inform their professional practices including research, organization, management, and access to information.

IV.a. Students will describe applications of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in library and information science.

IV.b. Students will identify opportunities for research and develop plans for research in applied settings in library and information science.


Need more information? Please contact the School of Information at email: or phone/voice: (813) 974-3520. Note: Current LIS students should contact their assigned SI advisor.